Factory Roof Replacement

Asbestos roof replacement and contamination containment

Services Used: Project Management, Hazard Assessment & Safety

3800 m2 of super-six roof cladding containing asbestos fibres needed to be replaced due to leakage. The roof covered an operating factory where there was no tolerance for contamination or falling objects and it could not be shut down for the duration of the replacement project. MEL were engaged to select and design suitable replacement roofing materials and devise the replacement strategy; prepare and apply for project funding and approvals; then manage the complete project which involved:

  • seek out and select suitable contractors
  • risk reviews and implementation of mitigation
  • coordinate and manage the short outages for preparations and clean up
  • supervise and report on progress
  • manage and monitor project health and safety

Although the roof replacement only took 35 days, the complete project duration including preparation and demobilisation was over 12 months. This included the utilisation of planned factory outages for preparation tasks that could not occur with operating personnel working below and suitable weather windows.

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