Recovery Boiler Pipe Bridge Replacement

January 1970

The seven storey high number 2 Recovery Boiler at the Carter Holt Harvey Tasman site will be replaced in early 2011, which involves the demolition, removal of the existing boiler and installation of a new boiler. To facilitate access to the building, a clear access path 10m square is required and the main obstruction to this was the existing #2 Evaporator piping supply bridge.

A new bridge had to be designed, fabricated and installed within four months, as the only available time for tie-in to the running plant was the annual shut in March 2010.

The design had to include the reduced elevation, yet not affect production processes, to improve access for production maintenance and to also allow for installation on the run - around running plant.

With the design IFC drawings issued to the contractor Christmas Eve, the fabrication proceeded through the holidays with site installation commencing late January 2010 and progressing through to the March 2010 annual shut. During the 5 day shut all process line tie-ins, electrical installations and design verification compliance testing was undertaken enabling the completed bridge to be handed over to production commissioning ahead of schedule and ready for start-up.             

The full engineering design and project management was undertaken by Rob Jackson of Mainstream Engineering Ltd with assistance from Beca Amec to cover civil compliance and the fabrication and installation was undertaken by Kawerau Engineering supplying Paul Voullaire as a site supervisor.