Pump Database

January 1970


Carter Holt Harvey Tasman currently has more than 500 pumps located mill wide.  The information related to these pumps was stored by hard copy only in manila folders located at the Engineering Department.  These manila folders are a wealth of information, containing drawings, instruction manuals, associated communication and other related documents sometimes dating back decades. 

Unfortunately with this storage system, old and fragile documents were at risk of being damaged, sometimes folders went missing, information could be difficult to find and every individual had to physically visit the Engineering department to retrieve information.

CHH Tasman Engineering requested that a database containing all pump details be created, and all of the information contained within the files be scanned into folders and attached in a logical, consistent format that was user friendly to retrieve information from.

Approximately 500 pump folders were collected from CHH by Kirsten Mant (Project Administrator) and the information within them was scanned and filed systematically then stored in a standardised format.  An index/database of all of the pumps was created to make retrieving relevant information quick and efficient. Another added advantage was it would help to identify any inherent gaps in each department of pumps with no pump folder or zero information.

With computerised collation of the data it is hoped that any future loss of information will be avoided and that remote access and simple retrieval of pump details will be beneficial to both CHH staff and contractors.